Eventide Custom is now offering hand-made Barn doors for your living spaces. Our doors are made from reclaimed barn wood that we tongue and groove and set in a style and rail frame. These beautiful doors are fully functional and operate on a track and trolley we manufacture in house. We offer choices of oak, walnut, heart pine, and red cedar. The following slideshow are some examples of what we offer. 

Our trollies are turned out of machine steel and run on a 1018 steel track that is fastened to the wall directly into studs with lag bolts provided in our kits. A tape measure, level, cordless drill and bit, and a couple of hours is all you need to install one of our door kits.

We offer multiple styles of doors from 24" wide up to 60" wide. You can connect two tracks sets and have double doors as well.

Contact us for pricing on our doors. Standard heights are for an 80" opening on existing structures.

Please have your measurements written down and consider the design you would like, as well as wood species.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to beautifying your home or office with our products.

Eventide Custom Wood & Metal