​​$ 5.50/sq.ft

$ 5.50/sq.ft

$ 4.75 /sq.ft

Walnut -


Straight, occasionally wavy grain and is fairly coarse and uneven in texture. walnut has a high resistance to decay and termite attack. A hard and durable wood, it falls between black cherry and black walnut in hardness. 

Heart Pine -

Heart Pine is old growth pine forest from the Midwest US. It is a hard yellow pine that was logged off in the late 1800s. It offers unique grain patterns and is perfect for high-traffic areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. 

Mixed Species -


For a classic and elegant look we offer mixed species reclaimed hardwood flooring. Mixed species is a parcel of old reclaimed woods that include oak, elm, hickory, ash, maple, etc., that will give your home a beautiful hardwood floor of varied tones from a cream to deep brown. Mixed species has become very popular in the last couple of years

Oak -  


Noted for hardness, admired for look, and respected for milling expertise, our reclaimed oak will give you the look, quality, and character to enhance any room in your home. There are some color variations to provide the look and charm desired.

Eventide Custom Wood & Metal Reclaimed Hardwood

- Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring - CNC Routered Signs - Barn Beams

We offer hardwood flooring manufactured in our shop from reclaimed hardwoods. These hardwoods were harvested in the mid to late 1800s and were used to build barns, houses, sheds, etc. Reclaimed hardwood flooring will meet your design needs and help turn a dream house into your dream home with the look and feel you want in every room.here.

$ eventidecustom@gmail.com for Price and Availability. Priced per linear foot based upon beam dimensions and species.

On Sale

​$ 5.00/sq.ft

Reclaimed Hardwood Barn Beams -


For a classic, rustic, and elegant look, we offer hardwood barn beams as part of our reclaimed wood venture. These beams are often hand hewn (with original ax cuts) and notched, or rough sawn and weathered with a stunning patina, creating the perfect environment and ambiance for your home. They make great ceiling and entrance fixtures as well as mantle place beams. Our inventory changes often so please call or email for current inventory photos.

Eventide Custom Wood & Metal