Hand hewn beams are a part of history like no other. Each beam has its own historical fingerprint, so to speak, offering a uniqueness found nowhere else.

Eventide Custom reclaims old hand hewn beams and offers them for resale to our valued customers. If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind accent then you need to look no further.

First let's understand how a beam was hewn. In a very informative Youtube video, Roy Underhill, the Woodwright, shows how a green log was reduced to a beam by one man with a couple  of axes.

The log was supported off the ground and was notched down each side. Looking at a hand hewn beam one can tell something of the craftsman that made it. The distance between cuts showed how much strength the man had when cutting the reliefs on the sides/edges. The further apart the notches the stronger the man. Once the notches were cut the logger would stand on top of the log and swing down, cutting the slabs of wood off the sides. After clearing each side the log was rolled and hewn on the other two round. Final cleanup was completed with a broad axe. The video below shows log to beam in a very short time.

Our inventory of hand hewn beams is constantly changing. Contact us with your inquiry and let us know what length and dimension of beam you are looking for and we will send photos and descriptions of what we available.

Our inventory is also first come first served so please do not hesitate when contacting us.

Craig & Cecilia~ 

Nothing in the world of wood speaks louder than the time capsule that is a hand hewn beam. The hand hewn beams we offer are fully sound and structurally solid. They can be used as accents or as structural members.

In the spirit of craftsmanship and tradition, we also enjoy another Youtube video on how axes were forged by hand and used to turn logs into cabin beams and walls. Sit back and enjoy this piece of history and time-honored tradition from Sweden.

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